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December 18, 2020
December 2020: GANIL/SPIRAL2 Highlights
New SPIRAL2 LINAC beam power output record. Commissioning of the new superconducting linear accelerator (LINAC – Figure 1) continues apace at GANIL.  This high-power accelerator will provide GANIL with new possibilities in terms of beams for nuclear physics research. By…
November 10, 2020
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September 3, 2020
The balance of tin
The complexity of the atomic nucleus reflects a multi-component character of the « nuclear force » that holds protons and neutrons together. Proper separation and characterization of each of these components represents a challenge for both theoretical and experimental nuclear structure studies.…
schematic representation of peptide bond formation in ion-cluster collisions
August 6, 2020
Formation of polypeptide in the collision of an α–particle with a cluster of amino acids
The emergence of life on Earth can be related to the delivery of prebiotic molecules formed in space. Indeed the observation of more than 200 molecules in the interstellar medium and the detection of complex organic molecules around Saturn moons…
June 24, 2020
Claude Détraz (1938-2020) A committed and visionary physicist of the European science
  Claude Détraz, born on March 20, 1938 in Albi (Tarn), France. An alumnus of the École Normale Supérieure, he started his research career at the CNRS in 1962 studying atomic nuclei. Claude Détraz was a great visionary and scientist…
IPAC 2020
June 2, 2020
GANIL hosts the first virtual IPAC conference
GANIL hosted the annual IPAC conference in GANIL but not physically in Caen but "virtually" (due the pandemic conditions). This first virtual conference was "attended " by 3000 people from the world wide accelerator community, representing around 300 institutions/laboratories. The…
February 7, 2020
Convenient location of a near-threshold proton-emitting resonance in 11B
Nuclear clustering is arguably one of the most mysterious nuclear phenomena. Numerous examples of cluster-like weakly-bound and unbound states in light nuclei can be found in the proximity of particle decay thresholds. These include the ground state of the Borromean…