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PhD positions 2024

Unified theory of nuclear structure and reactions in the open quantum system framework
PhD in theoretical nuclear physics

Target development and new radioactive beams for SPIRAL1 – GANIL
PhD in Radioactive Ion Beam development

Exploring magicity and nuclear forces in 68Ni
PhD in experimental nuclear physics

• Artificial Intelligence for Mass Measurement of Exotic Isotopes
PhD in computing techniques (AI) for experimental physics

Heavy ions beam dynamics in the SPIRAL2 linac and in the S3 separator
PhD in accelerator physics 

First High Resolution In-gas-jet Laser Spectroscopy at S3LEB
PhD in Laser spectroscopy – low-energy nuclear physics

Neutron-star crusts at finite temperature
PhD in theoretical nuclear atrophysics

Study of clustering using low-energy reactions induced by neutron-rich oxygen isotopes
PhD in experimental nuclear physics