GANIL-SPIRAL 2 facilities
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    • SIRIUS

Available beams

Interactive Chart of ion beams

The new chart of beams aims to be a useful, efficient and quick tool to have main information about the beams produced, or potentially produced, in the facilities of GANIL.

The chart of beams allows to standardize the manner to present the data concerning the beams available in GANIL for better understanding, immediate comparison and easy access to the information.


The chart contains data (isotope, energy, intensity etc.) related to the currently available and future beams at the GANIL.


List of new beams from the SPIRAL 1 facility

Update 2019.03.04

The SPIRAL 1 facility is being upgraded allowing the use of new target – ion sources. A number of new beams are available from the ISOLDE FEBIAD ion source coupled to graphite targets.

Available beams for evaluation at the next Program Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting:

  • Traditional beams from the Nanogan ion source (He, N,O, Ar, Kr).
  • Day 1 beams from the FEBIAD source (Na, Mg, Al, P, Cl, K), whose list has already been provided for previous calls: Day 1 beams from the SPIRAL upgrade
  • Specific beams which will be tested in 2020 with the FEBIAD source: Please contact

Future beams at SPIRAL 1

We aim at enlarging the list of isotopes available for experiment proposals along the years thanks to a continuous radioactive ion beam R&D. In order to guide these developments, we encourage the regular submission of letter of intents for new beams to the GANIL PAC. The possible developments aiming at increasing the radioactive ion beam intensities and enlarging further the number of available beams include

  • a surface ionization source for alkali isotopes
  • new fragmentation targets
  • fusion – evaporation targets.

An extended list of possible future beams, including a number of new primary beams and targets combinations, was circulated for the SPIRAL 1 upgrade workshop held at GANIL from 8th to 10th of February 2016. This latter can be found on the workshop website:

For any question regarding the future beams, and for preparing the letters of intent, please contact the persons responsible for the development of the new beams via the following generic email address: