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Administrative structure

GANIL is organised in the form of an Economic Interest Grouping. The GANIL Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) was created by the CEA and the CNRS in 1976 with the objective of building a complex of heavy ion accelerators in Caen. It was established for an initial period of 30 years and extended to 2046.

Today, GIE GANIL’s mission is to pool the know-how and technical resources of its members in order to enable them to design, carry out and succeed in scientific experiments and projects in nuclear physics as well as in multidisciplinary fields using ion beams (radiobiology, materials science, atomic physics, etc.). The pooling of resources also makes it possible to ensure the use of the very large research equipment integrated into the laboratory. The studies are carried out in collaboration with the national, European and international community, in particular through the hosting of research teams.

The Assembly of GIE, CEA and CNRS members, meeting on 14 December 2015, decided to extend it again for 30 years, particularly in view of the start-up of the new SPIRAL2 installation expected in 2016 and the long life of this type of equipment, which is fully integrated into the laboratory.

On the occasion of this extension, an article including the notion of “scientific partners” makes it possible to associate new national and international organisations with the EIG.