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GANIL Scientific Council

A scientific council dedicated to GANIL meets each year to review the status of the accelerators and the present and upcoming instrumentation. They examined a selection of experimental programs.

The next Scientific council meeting will be held on February 1-2, 2024.


Scientific council members:

Ani Aprahamian, Univ Notre Dame, USA

Amine Cassimi, CIMAP, France

Anna Corsi, Irfu/DPhN, France

Anne-Marie Frelin, GANIL, France

Jerome Giovinazzo, CENBG, France

Fabiana Gramegna, LNL INFN, Italy

Ferid Haddad, ARRONAX, France

Rituparna Kanungo, Triumf, Canada

Michal Kowal NCBJ, Varsovie, Poland

Alain Letourneau, Irfu/DPhN, France

Nathalie Moncoffre, IP2IL EMIR&A, France

Iain Moore, Jyfl, Finland

Jaromir Mrazek, NPI, Czech Republic

R.G. Pillay, TIFR Mumbai, India

Christoph Scheidenberger, GSI Darmstadt, Germany

Bob Tribble, TAMU, USA (Chairperson)

David Verney, IJCLab, France

Ex-officio members:
Chairperson GANIL PAC
Chairperson GANIL GUEC
Chairperson Interdisciplinary PAC