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October 27, 2022
A giant mirror symmetry breaking observed in an atomic nucleus
An international team, gathered around an unprecedented experiment carried out at GANIL on LISE, has shown that certain states of 36Ca have a very significant difference in energy with the equivalent states of its “mirror” nucleus, 36S. This gap is…
September 29, 2022
LINAC SPIRAL2: a first accelerated oxygen beam at 7 MeV/u
The LINAC SPIRAL2 successfully produced its first oxygen beam on September 16. After protons at the end of 2019 and deuterons in 2021, the GANIL linear accelerator is taking its first steps in accelerating heavy ions produced by the PHOENIX_V3…
September 21, 2022
NuPECC Special Report “Nuclear Physics in Everyday Life”
The final version of the NuPECC Special Report "Nuclear Physics in Everyday Life" is now available under two versions:- Web Version, low resolution, 16 MB- Print Version, high resolution, 126 MB
March 28, 2022
Vision for the future of GANIL
The report of the international expert committee for the future of GANIL has been released. You can access it here. Expert-Committee-Vision-for-GANILDownload We recall that the different steps and processes that lead to these conclusions are to be found here (link…
January 1, 2022