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Call for proposals

The next meeting of the GANIL Program Advisory Committee (PAC) will take place October 17th-18th 2019, at GANIL.

The deadline for submission of the proposals is May 30th 2019 (14:00 CET).

The cyclotrons will be running approximately 3 months in one block in 2020. To optimize the operation of the facility, this call for proposals covers experiments ready to run around February 1st 2020.  The only restriction concerns the G1 vault that will host the VAMOS+MUGAST+AGATA setup in 2020. Proposals for experiments in the G1 vault are therefore required to be compatible in order to run as a campaign and coordinated as such, among the spokespersons, contact persons and scientific coordinators, prior to the proposal submission. Other proposals for the G1 vault not included in the above call should be sent as letters of intent so as to be able to help planning future calls.

All proposals for other experimental halls will be considered for this call.

During the 2019 run, new SPIRAL1 beams will be tested (48Cr, 49,50Sc, 55Co, 56,57Ni) and the production yields of Al, P and Cl will be also be checked. Therefore, proposals using these beams are encouraged (the expected production rates are available on the GANIL web site: list of available beams). Nevertheless, final results of these tests being available only mid-June, we will contact the spokespersons of the proposals using these beams to invite them to revise their proposal based on measured rates if needed. Please contact for further details.

The submission of experimental proposals to GANIL PAC should follow closely the procedure below:

  1. Before you start the preparation of your proposal, you are requested to get in contact with a GANIL contact person (GCP) (see list below) and inform him/her of your intention to submit a proposal. The GANIL contact person will assist you in the local coordination of your experiment and in the various steps of your proposal and experiment.
  2. Prior to the proposal submission, you are requested to communicate with the equipment scientific coordinators (see list below)
  3. The proposal should be submitted to GANIL via online submission using the following web form The deadline for proposal submission is May 30th2019 (14:00 CET). In order to facilitate the discussion between the contact persons and the spokespersons,  we encourage you to start the process as soon as possible. The submission form can be completed and saved in several times.
  4. During the two subsequent weeks, exchanges between the spokesperson, the GANIL contact person and relevant scientific coordinators of the equipment will be used to assess the technical feasibility of the proposal and possible further improvements.
  5. The submission of the final proposal to the GANIL PAC is subject to validation, based on the outcome of the discussions on technical aspects between the spokesperson and the GANIL contact person. The spokesperson will be notified by email from the GANIL Beam Coordinator, before June 14th 2019. The final proposal (including eventual improvements and modifications) has to be uploaded on the website by the spokesperson latest by June 28th2019 (14:00 CET).
  6. The spokesperson must confirm upon submission of the proposal form that all collaborators listed on the proposal have read the proposal and have agreed to participate in the experiment.
  7. Spokespersons and all collaborators are required to subscribe as members of the GANIL User Community (GUC). To become a member, please register at

Should you encounter any problems please contact the beam coordinator

Important Note: Accepted proposals are valid for a three year period and can be scheduled at any time during this period. Past this period the validity, of the physics case has to be reevaluated by the PAC independently of the reasons for its non-realisation.

Useful dates:

  • The dead line for the proposal submission is on May 30th2019 (14:00 CET).
  • Notification of the technical validity of the proposal is on September 5th
  • The PAC meeting will be held October 17-18, 2019.

Useful links:

For SPIRAL1 beams, please contact

Contact persons

plus image


CLEMENT Emmanuel
De FRANCE Gilles
De OLIVEIRA François
PIOT Julien
ROGER Thomas
SORLIN Olivier
STODEL Christelle
THOMAS Jean-Charles

Scientific coordinators

plus image

GANIL Physicists in charge of equipment available at GANIL


“Resident” apparatus or facilities

Contact Equipment Room / line
P. Delahaye ( SPIRAL1

J-C. Thomas (

SPIRAL low-energy beam line
D3, D4, D6
A. Chbihi ( INDRA
Multi-purpose line
A. Lemasson ( VAMOS G1
G. de France ( NEDA / Neutron Wall G21
J. Frankland ( Nautilus chamber G41
T. Roger ( SPEG G3
X. Ledoux ( NFS NFS


Detection systems available at GANIL

Contact Equipment
T. Roger ( ACTAR TPC
G. de France ( Diamant, EXOGAM
O. Sorlin ( MUST2
B. Bastin ( Château de cristal
L. Caceres ( CAVIAR
J. Frankland ( FAZIA
A. Matta ( MUGAST


AGATA campaign

GANIL local campaign manager: E. Clément (

Two beam lines dedicated to irradiation studies and interdisciplinary research

Contact Equipment Room
S. Guillous ( ARIBE facility Hall D
F. Durantel (   D1
M.H. Moscatello ( Irradiation line G42