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Type Workshops
Date May 23 > 24, 2024
Location GANIL, Caen | France
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LISE Workshop

GANIL is organising a “LISE Workshop” from 23 to 24 May. The aim of the workshop is to work with the community of French and international researchers working in the field of fundamental nuclear physics to draw up the research and technical development programme for GANIL’s LISE (“Ligne d’Ions Supers Epluchés”) facility for the coming years, in order to guarantee its attractiveness and scientific impact in the medium term. The topics covered include nuclear astrophysics, the study of systems of aggregates or nuclei with halos at the limit of nuclear stability, the evolution of nuclear structure, the disappearance of magic numbers, rare modes of radioactive decay, nuclear reaction mechanisms and excitation modes of the atomic nucleus. Emphasis will be placed on the operation, in 2024, of the MUST2/MUGAST/EXOGAM2 system (a set of charged particle and gamma ray detectors), as well as on the preparation of proposals for experiments in 2025 using this same system. The performance of these detectors in terms of detection efficiency and resolution places them among the best in their category worldwide. Their use with the low-energy radioactive ion beams available at GANIL from the LISE line means that a scientific programme of excellent quality can be envisaged.

Experiments using other detectors during this period will also be discussed, as will plans for innovations during this period and up to 2026. Finally, the workshop will also present highlights and initial analysis results from previous campaigns.