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Type Conference
Date October 06 > 11, 2024
Location GANIL, Caen | France
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Gamma-ray spectroscopy of neutron-rich Mo and Ge isotopes far from stability
Room 105, GANIL, Caen | France


The third edition of PhyNuBE of the Groupement de Recherche Resanet will take place at the CNRS center of Oléron (France) between October 6 (arrival) and October 11 (departure). We propose to adress two scientific topics that are nuclear astrophysics and nuclear fission.

The PhyNuBe scientific meetings are intended to gather and educate students and senior scientists around major scientific topics of our field, as well as reinforcing links between theory and experiment and encouraging cross-fertilize activities. 

The astrophysics part will cover quiescent and explosive burning phases of stars in which nuclear physics plays an essential role, such as massive stars, novae, x-ray bursts, or neutron star mergers. Theoretical aspects of stellar modeling, nuclear reaction rates, and spectroscopy will be covered. Experimentally, results from reaction cross-section measurements of astrophysical relevance involving neutral, charged particles and neutrinos will be presented and confronted to observations.

Concerning fission,  the most relevant experimental programs for measuring fission cross sections, probabilities, fission fragment properties, and the associated emitted particles will be discussed, thus highlighting the related challenges, the solutions provided, and the main results. The advances and challenges in fission theory will also be covered by discussing the latest developments in microscopic dynamical models based on the energy density functional theory and in more phenomenological models. The various talks will also illustrate the importance of the fission process for fundamental nuclear physics, societal applications, and nuclear astrophysics.

A large amount of time will be dedicated to discussions and debates, as well as outdoor activities. Financial support for local expenses is possible. Students are strongly encouraged to participate. 

The PhyNuBE3 meeting is organized under the umbrella of the GDR Resanet by F. Hammache, B. Jurado, D. Lacroix, A. Lemasson, G. Scamps and O. Sorlin.