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Type Conference
Date September 09 > 13, 2024
Location GANIL, Caen | France
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International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy

NuSYM24, the XIIth International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy will be held on September 9-13 at GANIL, Caen, France.

Scientific scope

The purpose of NuSYM24 consists of discussing advances in experimental and theoretical studies of the nuclear equation of state of asymmetric nuclear matter and relevant advances in astrophysics. An important role of the symposium is to unify efforts of the nuclear physics and astrophysics communities in addressing common research challenges.

The program will cover the current state of research and the anticipated development trends in various centers and facilities in the world. The symposium, while providing a convenient space and time for discussions of burning problems future directions, will also offer opportunities to build collaborations to advance in inter-related research fields.

Topics of the NuSym conference:

  • Nuclear equation-of-state (EoS) and symmetry energy in laboratory experiments, in astrophysical observations, and microscopic theories.
  • Nuclear structure and direct reactions.
  • Heavy-ion collision experiments.
  • Transport model simulations of heavy-ion reactions.
  • Microscopic calculations of neutron-rich, dense nuclear matter.
  • Isospin dependence of nuclear effective interactions.
  • Clustering in isospin-asymmetric nuclear systems.
  • Astrophysical, multi-messenger observations.
  • Theory of compact stars and neutron star mergers.
  • Supernova theory for neutrino emission and nucleosynthesis.
  • Investigations at existing and future accelerator facilities.
  • Detector developments.

The scientific sessions will consist of invited talks and contributed presentations among the submitted abstracts.