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Type Workshops
Date December 12 > 16, 2022
Location GANIL, Caen | France
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Physics with SPIRAL2 Heavy Ion Beams

The purpose of the meeting is to bring together the Spiral2 community to prepare for the use of Heavy Ions beams delivered by the LINAC accelerator. The main goals are:

  • obtain a comprehensive picture of the physics goals and update the physics programs;
  • provide room for the creation of new initiatives and collaborative efforts, re-enforcing existing activities;
  • bring together experimentalists and theoreticians in order to foster vital exchange between both communities;
  • develop a scientific program, identifying the hot science topics with the relevant input from theory, and defining the experimental techniques and developments needed to achieve those scientific goals.

The workshop will be structured around three main axes of exchanges and discussions:

Accelerator, instrumentation and target development

Scientific program with S3 beams

New avenues with (very) heavy NEWGAIN beams

Details including the science topics to be addressed can be found in the 1st circular:


The discussions at the workshop shall help to detail existing and to develop new ideas: 
All scientists willing to propose new scientific cases and/or new instrumentation developments are encouraged to submit a short abstract to the Workshop Organizing Committee:


The deadline for submission of abstracts is 14th October 2022.

No fee will be charged for the workshop. A visit of the SPIRAL2 site will be organized.