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GANIL Nuclear Facility

Why GANIL is a nuclear facility?

A part of the GANIL facility is considered as a “INSTALLATION NUCLEAIRE DE BASE” (INB), administrative denomination. According to the French law (law n°2006-66, decret 63-1228 and 2007-1557); therefore, the GANIL is authorised by a ministry decret (see decret for the construction from 29.12.1980, and for the modification of SPIRAL 1 from 06.06.2001).

The classification of the GANIL facility in the INB field is due to the characteristics of the beams at the last acceleration state which is above the value of 75 MeV for ions of masses bigger than 4 for a corresponding beam power of 0.5kW (see decret 2007.830).

Consequences for the GANIL are the obligation to follow dedicated rules in term of nuclear safety, protection against ionizing radiations and security rules. Those for the construction, the operation and the decommissioning of the facility.

The goals is to protect workers, public and environment against all risks identify and to reduce as low as possible frequencies and consequences of incidents and accidents.

The GANIL is under the control of the Nuclear Safety Authority.