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A team dedicated to safety, radioprotection and security at GANIL

French law requires that GANIL follow particular nuclear and general safety regulations in order to ensure the safety of its workers, visitors and the population from ionizing radiation and to protect the surrounding environment.

The Security, Safety, Radioprotection and Environment (SSRE) group is in charge of the day-to-day application of these rules and regulations. They can provide users and visitors with advice and counselling about all aspects of nuclear safety, and are responsible for the dosimetry for the users and the facility.

Contacts (during business hours):
For any questions regarding safety (conditions of interventions on GANIL campus) and transport regulations (activated materials, sources…), please contact Marie-Emilie Lucas: – 02 31 45 47 74
For any questions regarding the protection against radiation: – 02 31 45 47 13
For any questions regarding environment, please contact Franck Sobrio – – 02 31 45 49 84