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GUEC Term of reference

GANIL Users Executive Committee (GUEC) – Terms of reference

The role of the GUEC is to coordinate the communication between the GANIL User Group and the GANIL Management in order to advance the science of GANIL, define and consolidate the scientific strategy for the future and promote the scientific interest of the users.
In particular the GUEC will:

  • assist the GANIL Management in developing an ambitious scientific program,
  • organize bi-annual meeting of the GANIL Users,
  • be involved in defining the timeline for organizing experimental campaigns or new instrumental developments,
  • ensure that smaller collaborations and groups that are not formally organized as collaborations are heard.

The chairperson of the GUEC will be an ex-officio member of the GANIL Scientific Committee (GSC) and will confer on regular basis with the chairpersons of the PAC and of the GSC.
Composition of the GUEC and term of the Committee:

  • 3 members representing the Nuclear Physics in GANIL elected by all the members of the GANIL User Group;
  • 1 member representing the theory community in GANIL elected by all the members of the GANIL User Group;
  • 1 member appointed or elected by the collaborations around GANIL infrastructures;
  • 1 member elected by the collaborations around large travelling detectors;
  • 1 member appointed or elected by the collaboration around atomic and material science and non-nuclear physics;
  • 1 member, acting as the Secretary of the committee and facilitating communication between the Committee and the Director is nominated by the Director of GANIL.

The term of the GANIL User Executive Committee will be 4 years.

Chair of GUEC

The Committee elects its Chair among the members of the GUEC every 2 years for a period of 2 years, with a possibility to extend this term for another 2 years.

GUEC meetings

The Committee should meet at least twice a year in person, and will communicate regularly through email, phone/skype meetings. Other meetings can be organized by the GUEC Chair upon request.

Other matters

The Committee may organize working groups dealing with technical (e.g. common DAQ) or organizational (e.g. installation of travelling detectors in GANIL) topics. The coordinators of working groups should report to the GUEC and provide written conclusions to be approved by the GUEC at the plenary meetings.
The Committee may also define other specific actions related to the Users involvement in GANIL’s science.
Decisions of the GUEC shall be approved by a consensus, and if not possible, by a simple majority of the members.