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GANIL Users Executive Committee (GUEC)

The GANIL Users Executive Committee (GUEC) assists the GANIL Management in developing an ambitious scientific program for GANIL. In consultation with the GANIL user community, the GUEC gives advice on developments of infrastructure, detectors, operation, and both short-term and long-range planning of campaigns. The GUEC furthermore organizes annual meetings of the GANIL User Group, and coordinate the editorial board of the GANIL Annual Report. The chairperson of the GUEC serves as ex-officio member of the GANIL Scientific Council, and he confers on a regular basis with the chairpersons of the Program Advisory Committee and the GANIL Scientific Council.

The GUEC consists of seven members: Beatriz Fernandez Dominguez (USC, Spain), Franco Galtarossa (Padova, Italy) and Michal Ciemala (Krakow, Poland) were elected for four-year terms in on-line elections conducted within the GANIL user community during December 2022. Two members were nominated by the GANIL and CIMAP directorates, respectively: John Frankland (GANIL, secretary and management liaison) and Marika Schleberger (University Duisburg-Essen, Germany). Two members were nominated by the collaborations around in-house and travelling detectors: Hervé Savajols (GANIL, France) and Iolanda Matea (IJCLab, France). Jose Lay (University of Sevilla, Spain) is appointed as representative of the theoritical activities.

Beatriz Fernandez Dominguez is the chair of the GUEC.

The GUEC members welcome an active dialog with the GANIL user community. GANIL users are invited to contact the committee members individually or by email to to give feedback and to help both the GUEC members and the GANIL management to shape the scientific program for GANIL.

The list of users and collaboration workshops related to GANIL community is available here: