Research topics
  • Nuclear physics
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    • Nuclear Theory
    • Nuclear structure
    • Nuclear (thermo-)dynamics
  • Interdisciplinary research

The SIMUL team

The SIMUL Team is interested on the dynamics induced by electronic excitation at the molecular level. Inside the CIMAP, the members of this team work in collaboration with the physicists of the MADIR and the AMA teams. They collaborate with other French laboratories as well. The main objective of this group is to simulate the evolution of model systems for which simulation can predict observables that can be confronted with experimental data. Both the theoretical models and the corresponding codes used for theses simulations are developed by the SIMUL Team.

These researches are gathered in four main themes:

  • Relaxation dynamics of alkali in rare gas matrices
  • Radiolysis of water
  • Photo-excitation and relaxation of solutes in water
  • Ion-beam transport in capillaries
Key stages of the dynamics of OH-(H2O)3 relaxation