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Call for proposals for interdisciplinary research

The call for proposals for Interdisciplinary Research experiments at GANIL is now open.
The next meeting of the Program Advisory Committee for Interdisciplinary Research at GANIL (IPAC) will be held in October 2022.
We would like to point out that all beamlines are in standard operation, thus this call is open for HE, SME, IRRSUD and ARIBE.

The information to submit your proposal can be find at

Please note that the deadline to submit is July 8th, 2022.

There are two other possibilities to request beamtime at GANIL : EMIR&A (Irradiation and radiolysis of molecules and materials, only IRRSUD and SME) and RADIATE (for spokesperson of foreign countries, all four beamlines, max 80 hours per proposal) networks. More information are available on our web page (

Contact : Jimmy RANGAMA, CIRIL team (