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An LIA (Laboratoire International Associé) is a “laboratory without walls” and is not a legal entity. It consists of the association of a CNRS-affiliated laboratory and a laboratory from another country. These laboratories pool together human and material resources towards a common, jointly-defined project designed to add value to their individual pursuits.

For more information, please contact Sabrina Lecerf Rossard:

LIA Name Partners Aim Duration
COLL-AGAIN GANIL (France), CNRS and associated universities (France), INFN (Italy) Joint projects 01/01/ 2015


COSMA GANIL (France), CNRS and associated universities (France), IFIN-HH (Romania) Joint projects 01/01/2015


COLLIGA GANIL (France), CNRS (France), CEA (France), INFN (Italy) Development of 2 ISOL infrastructures: SPES in Italy and SPIRAL2 in France 01/12/2007


COPIGAL GANIL (France), CNRS (France), CEA (France), COPIN (Poland) Joint projects 01/01/2008


FI-NS CNRS (France), CEA (France), GANIL (France), BARC (India), TIFR (India) Joint projects 01/01/2010


FJ-NSP CNRS (France), CEA (France), GANIL (France), RIKEN (Japan) Joint projects 01/01/2007


NuAG University Paris Sud XI (France), IPN Orsay (France), « Institut des Grilles » (France), « Centre de Calcul de l’IN2P3 » (France), GANIL (France), Institutes of Physics (IoP) and Nuclear Physics (NPI) of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR) Research topics including nuclear astrophysics, technical developments with NFS and SPIRAL2 beams and optimization of networks of computational grids for scientific data processing 01/05/2011