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The very intense beams of neutron-rich ions produced by SPIRAL2 allow the study of giant resonances, shape changes and hyperdeformation in nuclei produced at high spin. Therefore, the PARIS detector (Photon Array for studies with Radioactive Ion and Stable beams) provides a high technology for the detection of gamma radiations emitted by these nuclei.


Scientific goals

Fusion-evaporation reactions induced by high intensity neutron-rich beams from SPIRAL2 will allow us to populate exotic compound nuclei, transferring more initial angular momentum to them (up to 100 h) than currently achievable with stable beams. This will be of great benefit for the study of vibrational and rotational collective phenomena at finite temperature, such as the Giant Dipole Resonance or exotic shape changes induced by fast rotation. Heavy-ion radiative capture and reaction dynamics studies will also benefit considerably from the availability of high intensity neutron-rich beams.

There are also interests related to study weak isomeric decays produced after fission or fragmentation of relativistic beams from FAIR, within the HISPEC/DESPEC experiments within NUSTAR@FAIR. Studying very weak gamma branches are also of astrophysical importance.

Gamma ray detection constitutes an important experimental probe common to all these physics topics. Therefore the main aim of the PARIS collaboration is develop and to construct a dedicated gamma-calorimeter with dynamical range from 100 keV to 50 MeV. Such a device might partly consist of existing European detectors. To complement the exciting challenges and opportunities afforded by SPIRAL2, it is also the intention to investigate designs for a novel gamma-calorimeter benefiting from recent advances in scintillator technology.



Contacts of all the members are available on the collaboration’s website:


Contact (GANIL)

Marek Lewitowicz :

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The PARIS White Book, edited by Franco Camera, Adam Maj et al. is finally ready. You can download it from 

It is in the IFJ PAN Krakow repository with an ISBN number (978-83-63542-22-1) :