GANIL-SPIRAL 2 facilities
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    • NFS – Neutrons for Science
    • S3 – Super Separator Spectrometer
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    • INDRA
    • LPCTrap
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    • NEDA
    • PARIS
    • REGLIS3
    • S3 Low Energy Branch
    • SIRIUS


Inaugurated in 2005, ARIBE (Accélérateur pour la Recherche avec des Ions de Basse Energie) is a platform dedicated to interdisciplinary low energy ion research. The facility also clears the way for vast field of research and innovation ranging from atomic physics to biology and from nanotechnologies to surface treatments.

At low energies multi-charged ions interact through multiple electronic capture processes that cause very strong disturbances in the electronic system of matter. The main consequences are molecular dissociation, aggregate fragmentation, particle emission and surface alterations. Their mechanisms are poorly known although they are important for basic research in different fields as well as for areas of applied research. ARIBE, a platform dedicated to interdisciplinary low energy ion research, provides researchers with an efficient tool for broadening their knowledge of the mechanisms, thanks to ongoing efforts by Pr. Dr. Bernd A. HUBER, Patrick ROUSSEAU and co-workers as well as by the CIMAP and GANIL’s technical staff.


Beam coordinator: Patrick ROUSSEAU –
Experimental area coordinator: Claire FEIERSTEIN-PLANCQ –