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Type Seminar
Date October 08, 2021 - 11:00
Time 11:00
Location Maison d'Hôtes, GANIL, Caen | France
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The Electron Ion Collider: exploring the nucleon with high precision

Francesco Bossu (Nucleon Structure Laboratory (LSN) of CEA Paris-Saclay, France)

Deep inelastic collisions of electrons off protons are the cleanest way to investigate the inner structure of nucleons and nuclei. The next generation facility that will allow us to study the properties of the fundamental blocks of matter, i.e. the quarks and gluons, is the Electron Ion Collider (EIC), a high-luminosity high-energy collider set to be built at the Brookheaven National Laboratory (BNL).
An overview of the main axes of the physics program will be given together with the description of the collider and the detector facilities.