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Type Seminar
La physique dans tous ses états
Date May 07 > 07, 2024 - 11h
Time 11h
Location GANIL, room 105
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Spectroscopy of 26Si close to the proton threshold

by Ignasio WAKUDYANAYE, 2d year PhD student at GANIL

The 25Al(p, γ)26Si reaction plays a crucial role in the production of the 26Al radioisotope in the Galaxy. To accurately model the thermonuclear reaction rates for the production of 26Al in astrophysical environments, spectroscopic information about the nature of the states (Iπ , Ex ,..)
close to the proton threshold is needed. Theoretical calculations predict three resonances in 26Si with Iπ = 3+, Iπ = 1+ and Iπ = 0+, lying close to the proton threshold that dominate the reaction rate. An experiment using the 24Mg(3He, nγ)26Si reaction at a beam energy of 7.9 MeV was conducted.
Neutron-gamma coincidence measurements were performed using the EDEN Array for the neutrons and Germanium detectors for the gamma-rays. States lying close to the proton threshold were populated. I’m going to present the first results of my analysis.