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Type Workshops
Date November 28 > 29, 2019
Location LNL, Legnaro | Italy
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PARIS User Meeting

We plan to organize the annual PARIS Collaboration Meeting on the 28th-29th November 2019 in Legnaro (Italy) in the Aula Villi.
In this meeting we plan:
1) to give a status on PARIS project, on PARIS detectors, on PARIS DAQ and electronics
2) to give a status on PARIS past, present and future campaigns,
3) to give the preliminary results of some the past PARIS experiments
4) to present a campaign using PARIS coupled to the active target
5) to promote discussions for new ideas or proposals for PARIS (independently on where the experiment should take place)
The meeting is open to any suggestions, proposal, ideas. If you have any please contact the organizers and some time for a presentation will be allocated

More information and registration: https://agenda.infn.it/event/19924/