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Type Seminar
La physique dans tous ses états
Date May 09 > 09, 2023 - 11h30
Time 11h30
Location GANIL, room 105
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MORA, first data analysis

by Luis Miguel Motilla

Around us we see an universe filled with galaxies, stars and planets as ours, but when we look back to the Big Bang and the processes that created the matter that we see, we observe that there should have been created the same amount of antimatter, so the universe would be empty or different than it is. Sakharov proposed several mechanisms to explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry, one of them being the violation of the CP symmetry.

In the MORA experiment, we aim to measure the D correlation, which violates T symmetry so it can be related to CPV. For this we use a detector made of MCP’s, Phoswiches and Si detectors, to measure coincidences between beta emissions and recoil ions, product of the beta decay of trapped ions.

Here I am going to explain what is the D correlation, how we acquired the previous data in Jyvaskyla in November 2022, how we analyzed the data and the results we got.