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Type Workshops
Date November 23 > 26, 2021
Location GANIL, Caen | France
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IWM-EC 2021

International Workshop on Multi-facets of EOS and Clustering

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, IWM-EC 2020 which was originally planned on November 2020 has been postponed to November 2021 and becomes IWM-EC 2021.

This new edition of the International Workshop on Multi-facets of EoS and Clustering IWM-EC will take place in Caen, France in November 23-26th, 2021.

The workshop is supported by the INDRA and CHIMERA collaborations and is organized alternatively every 2 years in Catania and Caen since 2001.

IWM-EC 2021 will focus on open questions in the domain of nuclear dynamics and thermodynamics, clustering phenomena and also the links between the nuclear Equation of state and Astrophysics. The scientific program of the workshop will have dedicated sessions to outline recent progresses on both experimental and theoretical aspects of the following topics :

  • Nuclear dynamics from fission to multifragmentation
  • Isospin effects and EoS in nuclear reactions
  • Clustering phenomena and multi-particle decay
  • Nuclear EoS and Astrophysics
  • Experimental tools, detection techniques and facilities

The format of the workshop includes overview talks with invited speakers, contributed presentations and posters. PHD students and postdocs are strongly encouraged to participate.

The local organization of the workshop is supported by the CNRS/IN2P3, LPC Caen and GANIL.

The first circular of the conference has been released June 11th, 2021.

The deadline for abstract submission originally set to August 13, 2021 has been further extended to August 27, 2021. It is now closed.

The workshop registration is scheduled to open on October 2021 and details will be given in the second circular also with accomodation information.