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Type Seminar
La physique dans tous ses états
Date April 09 > 09, 2024 - 11h
Time 11h
Location GANIL, room alpha
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Isospin dependent collective flow using isotopic collision systems

by Seon Ho Nam, from Korea University

Collective flow is one of the observational quantities used to study nuclear symmetry energy, and research using it has been conducted over the past several decades. Using heavy ion collision datasets of Xe and Sn isotopes near 100 MeV/u from INDRA campaign 4th using the INDRA detector in 1998 and Ni isotopes at 32 and 52 MeV/u from E789 using the INDRA-FAZIA detector in 2019,we recently obtained results of neutron to proton ratio dependent collective flow. In this presentation, I would like to discuss the results of this analysis.