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February 15, 2018

Report on the last GANIL Scientific Council

The 2018 GANIL Scientific Council reviewed the current status of the accelerators and the present and upcoming instrumentation. A selection of experimental programs was examined.

In its report, the Scientific Council subscribes to the notion that the two highest priorities of GANIL are, in order of importance, the completion of SPIRAL2-Phase 1 and the yearly running of the existing facility for a period of at least four months. The progress in the completion of the new facilities was acknowledged.

The Scientific Council underlined the importance of the durability of the cyclotrons and encouraged their long-term maintenance, the coherent development of radioactive and stable beams and associated instrumentation.

The Scientific Council is impressed by the success of the recent experimental campaigns and the development of the new instrumentation, urged for the rapid publication of the resuls and has given the recommendations for the future scientific programs. The initiatives aiming at enlarging and strengthening the collaborative efforts alongside the GANIL/SPIRAL2 facilites are strongly encouraged.

The next Scientific Council is scheduled on January 21st and 22nd, 2019.