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January 16, 2018

The 2017 GANIL Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The program advisory committee (PAC) of GANIL convened on November 28th and 29th to evaluate the 21 experiment proposals submitted to this year’s edition. A total of 612 time units (UT, 1UT=8 hours’ beam) were requested.

The instrumentation available at GANIL was requested in various combinations. The Ge-detector array AGATA in various combinations with other detectors had the highest demand with 10 experiments showing interest in using it. Eight groups asked for the use of the magnetic spectrometer VAMOS, of which 4 wanted to employ its gas-filled mode. The LISE fragmentation facility was requested in seven proposals and the ACTAR TPC in four. SPIRAL1 beams were required for six experiments.

The PAC selected four proposals requiring a total of 134 UT. The experiment E768 by Ch. Diget and collaborators, proposing the investigation of radiative capture of a particles by 15O, which is of astrophysical relevance, was ranked with highest priority. The other successful projects are the study of the unbound nucleus 34Ca may be doubly magic with a “bubble” structure, by O. Sorlin et al., the investigation of nuclear structure around the N=126 closed neutron shell by Y.H. Kim et. al., and the identification of exotic channels in the reaction 238U+238U by D. Ackermann et al.

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