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Irradiation of electronic components

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Equipment for irradiation of electronic components and systems: sample holder, possibilities, beams in terms of LET and range.

The GANIL is also a facility for the testing of electronic devices under heavy ions radiation, in a wide range of energy. SEE testing is possible with ions as Kr, Xe, Pb … in a wide LET range (16 to 96 MeV.cm²/mg).

Ion Energy
36Ar 27 5,4 445 9,9 113
86Kr 60 11,0 1223 42,1 27
129Xe 50 26,5 685 64,3 35
208Pb 29 72,7 258 97,6 64
With the aim of irradiating electronic components and systems, the cave G4 is equipped with a sample holder. The irradiation occurs in the air; a stainless steel window (10 µm)  separates the vacuum from the air.

The electronic cards are fixed on the sample holder, and can be easily moved in the three directions (x, y and z) so that the target component receives the beam. The conception of the device allows to change the components quickly and surely.

You can download here the specifications of the sample holder.

A red laser system indicates the center of the beam. A tilt possibility is also furnished (0 to 90°).

The LET calculation can be made with TRIM, taking into account the 10 µm of the stainless steel window and the air distance.

For a given ion beam, a LET adjustment is possible by:

  • introducing a thin foil of aluminum (25..1000 µm); a motorized device allows up to five different LETs
  • adjusting the air distance between the component and the window (53..200 mm)

Some samples can be done on demand (please contact us).