Applications with ion beams
  • Irradiation of polymeric membranes
  • Irradiation of electronic components
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Irradiation of polymeric membranes

Dedicated equipment for irradiation of polymeric films: roller device, characteristics, beams possibilities…

The cave G4 is equipped with a roller device which allows irradiation of polymeric films according to the next figure:

Roller device in G4 room

Technical specifications:

  • The maximum width of the film is 50 cm
  • Possibility of different angles of incidence of the ions on the film.

Mechanical adjustments allow five speed ranges for irradiation:

Range Minimum speed


Maximum speed


1 0.25 1.25
2 1.1 5.6
3 5 25
4 22 111


GANIL beams (heavy ions, high energy and large intensity) allow real industrial production with various ion tracks density (up to 109 pps/cm2). Most used beam: Kr 10.5 MeV/u, Pb 29 MeV/u

Some samples can be done on demand (please contact us).

You can download here the specifications of the roller device.