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Type Seminar
Date March 20, 2020 - 14:30
Time 14:30
Location Room beta | GANIL, Caen | France
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New frontiers in nuclear energy density functional theory

Alessandro Pastore (University of York, UK)

Density functional theory is the tool of choice to describe a large variety of nuclear phenomena at low computational cost. In recent years, it has been made clear that the current functional form based on simple Skyrme interactions have reached their limits. Two main roads open up: either to change the functional form and explore new types of functionals or to use beyond mean-field techniques. The York group has worked over the last few years on both direction and is currently aiming at merging the two routes to obtain a unified picture. By means of extended Skyrme functionals and Bohr Hamiltonian, we aim at building a new functional with improved qualities to better reproduce experimental data.
Since the functionals are not derived from first-principles, their coupling constants need to be adjusted to reproduce some selected nuclear data.
The key question is: which data are relevant to constraint the new terms?  To answer this question, the York nuclear group has started an intensive collaboration theory/experiment to identify via sensitivity studies the best set of observables to perform the fits.
In my talk I will provide some highlights of such a research program and present some interesting results obtained from such a collaboration.


Practical information:

11h00 GANIL room beta
Coffee will be served 15mn before