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NFS & S3

In parallel with the construction of SPIRAL2, international collaborations between 600 researchers from 34 countries are developing new instruments and sensors, adapted to the unequaled performance of this new research facility.


The experimental rooms

Two experimental rooms will be built for the high-energy section, and will accommodate detectors developed within the framework of the NFS and S3 projects.


The protons and deuterons (particles that combine one proton and one neutron) accelerated by SPIRAL2's LINAC accelerator can produce an extremely intense source of neutrons. The NFS (Neutrons For Science) facility uses these neutrons for fundamental physics, various experiments and many applications.


SPIRAL2's LINAC accelerator accelerates very high intensity beams of stable ions. These unequaled intensities will create opportunities in many areas of physics, and in particular make it possible to study very heavy and "superheavy" nuclei, so called because they are heavier than uranium and do not exist on Earth. The S3 separator (Super Separator Spectrometer) is dedicated to these studies.


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